Free DRSABC First Aid Poster

Here’s another potentially lifesaving resource for you and your family – put together by our team of trained paramedics. It’s a first aid poster focused on the simple process for handling any emergency situation confidently and calmly. The six step process is called D.R.S.A.B.C. or Dr’s ABC – a short but powerful acronym designed to […]

Dealing with Seizures

One of the most terrifying things to watch, especially as a parent, is a child having a fit or convulsion. These seizures can happen for a variety of reasons, adding to the anxiety and fear factor when they do. It could be that a head injury is the cause, or meningitis, or epilepsy. And they […]

Cooling the Fever

The body’s first natural reaction to an invasion by some foreign bacteria or unknown virus is to heat up, which usually produces a fever. This body heat is actually caused by an internal battle as antibodies are created to fight the invaders. It’s also a good sign – the body is fighting back against an […]