Avoid Bath Time Danger and Keep Your Child Safe

Baby bath with foam washesBath time is one of the happiest moments with a baby. A few minutes of fun and baby giggles, never mind the cuddles afterwards. Unhappily, the bath is one of the most dangerous places for your baby, toddler, or young child. Every bath time brings two main dangers: drowning and scalding.

Before bath time

Rule one to make sure bath time is a happy time is to be prepared. Get the towel and face washer, soap and hair shampoo ready. Make sure that you have a clean nappy and a change of clothes on hand.

When you run the water, always run the cold water first and check the temperature is between 37 and 38 degrees Celsius.

During bath time

Never leave your child alone in the bath, and always stay close – no more than an arm’s length away.

There are plenty of distractions that could pull you away from where you should be − a knock at the door or the telephone ringing, for example. Ignore them all.

As a habit,  a safe practice could be to turn your mobile phone off  before you take your child into the bathroom to avoid distractions.

After bath time

Once bath time is finished, let the water out. In fact, pull the plug out of the bath as soon as you lift your child from the water. It’s the only safe way. It’s easy to forget the water is still in the bath, and even the smallest of crawlers will be tempted back into the water while you’re not around.

One final thing…

Every year, an average of five children under the age of five will drown in the bath in Australia. Another 47 will spend time in hospital because of a near-drowning in the bathtub (Department of Health and Ageing). Hundreds more are scalded by bathwater that is too hot. Taking the simple precautions above will ensure your baby or young child does not join these numbers. And if – Heaven forbid – the worst should happen, make sure you know what emergency action to take for burns and scalding and for drowning.

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